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Castiglione Marittimo - English Version

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Picturesque town squatting on Mount Mancuso, Castiglione Marittimo was in the past the fulcrum of many historical events that contributed to the creation the present our town Falerna.

The oldest evidence of human presence in the area of Falerna relates to the era of Magna Graecia and Rome, as shown by the excavation campaigns. They have brought to light a manor house of the Roman Empire and traces of environments paved in "Opus Spicatum", which must have belonged to the monumental part of the residential complex. The age of the residential complex could be ascribed between the III/IV century A.D. and falls in the upstream part, where the remains of an ancient thermal villa have been identified.

The history of Castiglione, however, comes to life a few centuries later, precisely in 1062, when the Normans endowed it with a proper castle. Then "Leo Castrum" was born. The construction of one of the most powerful castles in the territory is not by chance at all. The Normans built the castle as a defensive work to curb the hordes of Saracens struggling for centuries across Calabria. Around the Castle of Castiglione, several houses were built to form what is now the historic center whose urban structure, with the main road that goes up to the fortress through the town center along with a series of alleys and stairways. What makes it all the more fascinating is the fact that it has remained almost unchanged. It is not surprising, therefore, if walking through the village, you will feel immersed in the past.

Some parts of the great city walls, a bell tower and the elegant round arch at the entrance, with the ashlar still perfectly squared, still resist the environmental effects of the centuries. Walking towards the historic center with its medieval imprint, with narrow and winding streets that, chasing each other suddenly, intersect forming pleasant squares.

One of the most evocative points of the town is certainly the Belvedere di Terra Chiusa. From there, the view can sweep over a vast part of the Tyrrhenian coast with the chance to go even further to the mythological islands of the Greek God of the winds, the Aeolian islands and to the highest European volcano, Mount Etna.

Every year on the first Sunday of August, celebrations in honour of San Foca Martire are taking place. Castiglione shows, in all its splendor, festivities with an ancient flavor, with various artists and with the tradition of dancing the "Paschera". An event not to be missed.

Dive into a medieval experience, discover Castiglione Marittimo, less than 2 km from the Hotel Paradiso!

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