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Sila - English version

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Can you imagine skiing in one of the hottest regions of Italy, surrounded by two seas and known for its enchanting coasts? Stop thinking, discover La Sila!

Mountainous plateau belonging to the Apennines, Sila is very different from the whole system for its geological structure like that of the Alps. In 1911, the British writer Norman Douglas, known for his masterpiece "South Wind" said: "...(Sila is) a venerable granite plateau, which stood here when the proud Apennines were still dozing on the oozy bed of the ocean..."


The highest peak, Mount Botte Donato, reaches 1928 m. Sila has a continental climate characterized by copious snowfall until late March. In fact, over the years, Sila has emerged for its ski resorts, ranked as ones of the best in Italy; there are many avant-garde ski resorts, e.g. the Centro Fondo Carlomagno, Camigliatello, Villaggio Palumbo and Lorica.


First settlements, from the Neolithic age, were discovered a few years ago along the river Cecita, where now stands the lake Cecita, artificial and modern creation. Another lake of great importance is Lake Arvo, created by the dam of a river, where, from the northern shore, you can visit the resort Lorica dominated by Mount Botte Donato.


In addition to the Wolf of Sila (symbol of the park), the Giants of Sila are also well-known and important to see. Majestic larch pines over 400 years old, their trunks can rise to 45 meters high and have a diameter at the base of about two meters. Adventures among the Giants of Sila are the excursions' activities to be carried out on foot or by mountain bike, following the suggestions made available by the National Park ( - site available in English). Among others, the forest of Fallistro, in the municipality of Spezzano della Sila, stands out for its charm.

The rich gastronomy of Sila is made up of several products but we mention among all mushrooms, potatoes and chestnuts.

Excursions by mountain bike, by foot or on horseback, cross-country skiing and downhill skiing, sailing and canoeing, archery, birdwatching. These are just some of the activities you can do in Sila!

A unique adventure deserves a special mention, "il Treno della Sila" (Sila's Train). A journey made of whistles and puffs, on steam locomotives from the 1930s, with destination to one of the highest stations in Europe at 1400 meters. (


Isn't it surprising to find a collection of forests, valleys, rivers, waterfalls, canyons, all in the middle of the Mediterranean?

Choose Hotel Paradiso and stay in the center of this wonderful region and discover it all!




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